Incredibly Smart

Stop worrying about data, UrbanFox puts it to work

Boost sales

UrbanFox identifies and engages customers with the highest spend and highest likelihood to convert

Increase Loyalty

UrbanFox identifies customers with highest churn potential and reengages them

Decrease Boredom

Don't spend any more time working on boring data analysis tasks. UrbanFox does it, automatically.


UrbanFox learns and becomes more accurate, meaning it can generate campaigns of one.

Boost Sales

We believe your data should be used to drive sales. At its core UrbanFox is designed to target customers to drive and increase revenue.

  • Advanced algorithms specifically designed to drive revenue.
  • Estimate maximum customer spend.
  • Targets them with effective and efficient promotions
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  • Boost Sales
  • Increase Loyalty

    Engaging with pre-existing customers is the most cost efficient way to increase revenue. UrbanFox predicts, detects and engages with key customer loyalty indicators

    • Identifies loyal and about to be loyal customers
    • Encourages loyalty among existing customers
    • Detects and mitigates customer churn
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  • Increase Loyalty
  • Automation Tools

    Data analysis can be boring, slow and time consuming. Urbanfox does it faster, more accurately and smarter than any other product or service, entirely automatically.

    • Connect to existing data sources
    • Constantly re-analysing data and predictions
    • Allows for automatic targeting
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  • Automation Tools
  • Campaign of One

    Every customer is unique. UrbanFox doesn't just target a demographic it targets the individual. It does this intelligently and automatically.

    • Selects best targeting method (Email/SMS/Push)
    • Ensures the right message to the right customer at the right time
    • No complex segmentation tools
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  • Campaign of One
    • Numbers at a Glance

      UrbanFox Performance


      Data Analysis Cost Reduction


      Increase in Staff Effeciency


      Increase in Customer Satisfaction


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